NZ World Aquatics Officials

2019 World Aquatics (Previously FINA) has 2 levels of International Judge classifications, “A” and “G”. While ASNZ are responsible for forwarding nominations to World Aquatics , Clubs may nominate people to the ASNZ Board for consideration. Currentlly SSNZ has three “G” list judges, and one “A” list judge. 

World Aquatics A JUDGE:         Joanna Burns

World Aquatics G JUDGES:      Michelle Anderson, Caitlin Anderson, Kirstin Anderson

World Aquatics G JUDGES IN THE MAKING:  Rachel Kim, Kira Van Os and Sue Van Os have also completed their Certification School exams, and are working on completing their practical hours for World Aquatics G Judge Certification.   

A full description of the criteria and conditions for World Aquatics Judge Classification can be found here. (See SECTION 1 - General Information for Judges)

See the download section to find a full list of World Aquatics Judges by Nationality. 

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