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Did you miss this Coaching Clinic in Tauranga? Check out this link to find coaching tips online from Leilani Torres as well as other coaching resources and ideas.

The Online Synchro Coach


Browse FIGURES in the menu bar for FINA rules and figure groups


Browse COACHES - KIWI-Stars in the menu bar for resources on KIWI-Stars Awards


Follow this link to find the latest FINA manuals; FINA Artistic Swimming Manual (Guidelines for Judges, Coaches and Referees), AS Publications DD Report (degree of difficulty), Guidelines for FINA clinics

Follow this link to find the latest FINA Rules, FINA Handbooks, FINA Code of ethics

ASNZ Policies 

Browse ABOUT US - ASNZ Policies  in the menu bar for all policies and proceedures relating to Health & Safety, Concussion, Hypoxia, and all other general procedures and processes.

Useful Links to Interesting Websites.

The benefits of being a coach -

 Male swimmer finally gets his chance -


Strength Training Guide for Synchronised Swimmers -

Nutrition & Endurance for Young Athletes

Sport Nutrition for Young Athletes -

Nutrition for the Adolescent Athlete -

Injuries/ Health & Safety

ASNZ Have and current Health & Safety Policy published and updated procedures will be coming soon on Hypoxia, managing concussion, browse ABOUT US - ASNZ Policies in the menu bar

Safe Stretching & Flexibility guidelines

Common Swimming Injuries

Stretching Exercises for Swimmers

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