Development Squads

Artistic Swimming New Zealand provides opportunities for those athletes wanting to push themselves further in the sport, and to potentially represent New Zealand, to become involved in three National Squads:

  • Pikopiko Development Squad –  for athletes aged 13-15 years old.
  • Koru Performance Squad – for athletes aged 15-18 years old
  • Ferns High Peformance Squad - for athletes aged 15 years of age and over

Each of the Squads train intensively in school holiday camps, where they learn competition routines, focus on improving synchro skills, figures and fitness in preparation for international competitions. The goals are set in September by the ASNZ Board in conjunction with the coaches for the year ahead, and may differ each year depending on the make-up of athletes in the Squad and the available competitions.

Each Squad has its own coaching and management team, and are supported by other sporting professionals who provide advice on nutrition, land-based fitness, and sports psychology. 

Selections to all Squads are held annually immediately after Nationals. Athletes are nominated by their clubs to trial. At selection trials the athletes are tested on swimming, strength and flexibility as well as Figures/Elements and synchronised swimming skills. 

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