NZ FINA Officials

FINA has 2 levels of International Judge classifications, “A” and “G”. While SSNZ are responsible for forwarding nominations to FINA, Clubs may nominate people to the SSNZ Board for consideration. Currentlly SSNZ has three “G” list judges, and one “A” list judge. 

FINA A JUDGE:         Joanna Burns

FINA G JUDGES:      Michelle Anderson, Caitlin Anderson, Kirstin Anderson

FINA G JUDGES IN THE MAKING:  Rachel Kim, Kira Van Os and Sue Van Os have also completed their Certification School exams, and are working on completing their practical hours for FINA G Judge Certification.   

A full description of the criteria and conditions for FINA  Judge Classification can be found here. (See SECTION 1 - General Information for Judges)

See the download section to find a full list of FINA Judges by Nationality. 

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