Figures & Routines

Figures is the term that is used to describe the moves executed in the water by swimmers. There is a set of basic moves that swimmers must learn. At competitions there is a technical section where the athletes are tested on their ability to execute these moves. Swimmers must present themselves in front of a judging panel, and their execution of the required figure is scored. 2019 World Aquatics (Previously FINA) sets the standard for scoring each figure and regulary publishes information on figures for judges, coaches and swimmers.

Junior swimmers have a series of 24 figures that they learn as they progress through the levels, and senior swimmers are required to perform certain combinations of figures called elements. 

Figure training sets the base for swimmers to be able to perform routines. Routines are a series of  choreographed moves, and patterns that are performed to music - and can be solos, duets or teams. 

Explore the pages in the dropdown menu and find links to the 2019 World Aquatics (Previously FINA) rules, figure documents, diagrams and videos, and routine times.

Looking for more information ? Check out this link to the 2019 World Aquatics (Previously FINA) presentation:

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