SSNZ Board

The SSNZ Board has 5 elected board members, who serve three year terms on the Board before coming up for election.  Currently there is no limit to the terms they can be on the Board, but this is something the Board will move to over time.

When a board position is up for re-election, nominations are called for and clubs affiliated to ASNZ are elgible to vote. Voting rights are allocated according to the number of registered and affiliated members each club has. Annual General Meetings are held each year at the SSNZ National Championships.

Delegates and Voting Rights 12.3 - SSNZ Consititution 

  1. The five elected members of the SSNZ Board shall be entitled to one vote each.
  2. Clubs and Groups which are recognised by SSNZ shall be entitled to vote as follows:
  • From 1-20 Registered Members: one delegate with one vote
  • From 21-40 Registered Members: two delegates with one vote each
  • From 41-60 Registered Members:  three delegates with one vote each, and so on i.e. for up to 20 additional Registered Members, a further delegate with one vote each

Registered members are defined as members who have paid their annual affiliation fees to SSNZ by May 30th in the following categories:

  • Competitive, Regional or Masters Swimmers (i.e. not Novice or School)
  • Officials – includes Judges, Coaches, Club Committee Members (i.e. not Supporters)


For questions and enquiries please contact our Administrator

Shirley Hooper
Chair and Talent Development Portfolio
Kat Wells
Judge Portfolio
Simon Hardy
Coach and Talent Development Portfolio
Debbie Dickson
Club Portfolio
Anne-Maree Ward
Marketing and PR
Karen Moffatt-McLeod
Part-Time Administrator
Marie-Lou Morin
Head Coach - Pikopiko Squad, NZ Development Team
Kirstin Anderson
Head Coach - Koru Squad
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